Mar. 29th, 2011

azuremew: (cause i will be gone)
Title: This is what you do to me . . .
Word Count: 1,770
Pairing: Eames/Robert
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Nadda! (Say what?)
Summary: Eames goes off to a job, and Robert doesn't like being alone. Basically, pure porn to fill a certain prompt on the Kink Meme that got away from me. Unbeta'd. <3

He leaves messages. The first time, Robert exits a meeting, tired from the lack of sleep. It weighs heavy on his shoulders. He goes to the small office two floors down from the building's conference room. The space barely big enough to fit his desk, it is a start since dissolving an empire, the first brick laid by his own, two hands. He sits and checks his messages. There is an unknown number, likely a payphone, or maybe it's a telemarketer. The latter almost stops him from pressing play.

“Robert, you there? Of course not,” he chuckles, warm, and Robert smiles. “You are sitting in another meeting, knocking their bloody socks off, I'm sure, while I'm here. Well, I thought about our conversation and left you a little something. It should arrive in the post in a day or two. Enjoy. )

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