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Er, ellos! I'm Julie. You might or might not know me formally as a handful of other characters, journals, etc, over the course of nearly a decade here on Livejournal. I write. A lot. I also ramble. Any of my fics are posted publicly, and feedback is welcomed. My current project is a BDSM novel, and my journey while working on it (and as a writer) will be public as well. Life itself is FRIENDS ONLY, but if you'd like to read that, feel free to friend me, and if I don't hate you, I'll probably friend you back. It does help that we have something in common.

This journal is under construction while I work on nurturing my writing. I'm in the process of creating a writing journal off of LJ as well as possibly an AO3 account.

I was addicted to Inception. It's the only fandom that really stuck in my head and continues to occasionally amuse me. I also write in the World of Darkness setting with a close friend of mine. It's awesome, smutty fic that can be found after all the Inception.

And I have a love for being challenged as a writer. This means going into the areas that aren't always comfortable to read. It's a learning experience. It's me embracing the impossible and beyond.

And now, the fics posted on this journal:


Fischer/Eames: Incunabula Series

Reflections of Men, Part 1 - Browning/Fischer, Eames/Fischer, Arthur/Eames - NC-17
Reflections of Men, Part 2 - Browning/Fischer, Eames/Fischer, Arthur/Eames - NC-17
Between You and Me, Part 1 - Browning/Fischer, Eames/Fischer, Eames/Yusuf - R
Between You and Me, part 2 - Browning/Fischer, Eames/Fischer, Eames/Yusuf, Eames/Fischer/Yusuf - NC-17
While You Were Sleeping - Eames/Yusuf, talking about Robert and Arthur - PG-13
Property Damage - Browning/Fischer, Eames/Fischer, Arthur/Eames - NC-17
Games of Heart and Mind, part 1 - Arthur/Eames, Browning/Fischer, Eames/Fischer - NC-17
Games of Heart and Mind, part 2 - Arthur/Eames, Eames/Fischer - R

Arthur/Eames/Fischer: Incunabula Series Two

Occurs a few months after Series One. Kind of like a season break. <3

My Temptation and Salvation - Arthur/Eames/Fischer - NC-17
Reluctant Surrender - Arthur/Fischer - Extended Scene in "My Temptation and Salvation" - NC-17
Envy is Green, But Jealousy Bleeds Red - Eames/Fischer - NC-17
The Longest Day - Arthur/Eames/Fischer, bit of Eames/Yusuf, blip Eames/Browning - R
Side Effects Might Include Zombies" - Eames/Yusuf - PG-13
Driven by Impulse - Fischer - PG-13
So Give Me Something to Believe - Arthur/Fischer - NC-17, briefly
Rise of Icarus - *deep breath* Arthur/Fischer, Arthur/Cobb, Cobb/Nash, Fischer/Nash - PG-13
Push the Limits - Arthur/Eames/Fischer - NC-17
A Conversation Piece - Arthur/Eames/Fischer, Browning/Fischer - NC-17
Ars longa, vita brevis - Arthur/Eames/Fischer - NC-17

Arthur/Eames/Fischer: Incunabula Series Three

Separation Anxiety - Arthur/Eames/Robert - NC-17

Inception Bang, Reverse Bang, Etc

Undercurrent - Eames/Robert - NC-17 - Artist: [ profile] ruins_of_sodom
Mistaken Identity - Inception Cast and World of Darkness - NC-17 - Artist: [ profile] forgerness
Remember the Stillness - Eames/Robert - R - Artist: [ profile] ruins_of_sodom


Cruel - Arthur/Eames/Fischer - NC-17
Flicker - Eames/Robert - NC-17
The Game - Browning/Eames/Robert - NC-17
Something Dark is Coming - NC-17
Evidence - Eames/Robert, Arthur/Cobb - PG-13
This is What You Do to Me - Eames/Robert - NC-17
Eye for an Eye - Nash/Robert, Eames/Yusuf, Mal/Robert, Eames/Robert - NC-17
Anchor to a Daydream - Eames/Robert -PG

World of Darkness

Michael Luther

Diamond in the Rough - PG
House Van de Nacht - collaboration with [ profile] lycanthrophile - PG to NC-17, varied works

Because I need to share the love for beautiful, inspirational fic.

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