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Name: Azure
Contact Info: PM on LJ or Comment Here
Story pairings: Eames/Robert, Browning/Robert, Browning/Eames, Browning/Eames/Robert
Projected length (word count): Minimum 10,000, probably closer to 20-30,000
Story rating: NC-17
Short story summary: For [ profile] bdsm_fandom 's Big Bang Challenge - Post-Inception, Eames returns to Fischer Morrow to see how his project went purely under his own accord. His curiosity pulls him deeper when he learns more about Robert's relationship with Browning, the BDSM lifestyle. By the end, he is ensnared, finding freedom that even the dreamshare could not possess tightly wound in Robert's hands.
Do you need this done by a particular time?: Rough Drafts are due July, 25.
What are you looking for in a beta? (Grammar, clarity, characterization, plot, story, pacing, etc.): Grammar, mostly. Possibly discussing kinks, particularly which would fit Eames best as this is all under his choosing as the sub. I'm just starting the story, in pieces, so I'm sure there will be more as it goes on.
Is there anything else a potential beta should know about your story? The story might include discussion of pedophilia, previous torture, and Eames highjacking Robert's sub-conscious while he's sleeping at least once with possible somnophilia. All of the explicit, s/M scenes are consensual.

Crossposted for HELP. <3
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