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Ah, so, I get to hear stories from co-workers. This one came from someone in our maintenance crew that stops in because their storage is in our backroom. Besides finding one AV (ice cream cooler) blocks away, the ice chest was miles down the road in someone's field. Then there was this other city, Middletown? Or Middle Grove. My memory's terrible from being awake at 6AM to do paperwork. Either way, the local fire fighters went into the Stewart's, collected what they needed, and left a note basically saying, "Hey, we took this to help people; send us the bill" sort of message, then backed up their truck to make sure no one could enter the shop and steal anything. I WILL CONTINUE TO REPEAT THAT I LOVE MY JOB.

Many Thanks to Roger
Hurricane Irene was a horrible disaster for this region but through it all there is one man that tirelessly worked hard to provide food and water to the local community and I feel he should be commended for his dedication. Roger, the General Manager, of Stewarts Convenient Store and gas station on the corner of Route 209 and Canal Street in Ellenville was the only business open for the duration of the power outage. He kept his generator running and stayed open 24 hours each day and never left his post to go home to his own family. He provided much needed services to the Ellenville community and was always in good spirits to all that entered his doors. Many residents were grateful for his efforts during these days of hardship. I personally extend my heartfelt gratitude to him for a job well done.

Thank you, Roger! (Shawangunk Journal)

A large problem is that while it's not as devastating as major areas would've been, these are small towns, people's farms, and a million dollars for a town holding roughly three people in staff is impossible without aid.

. . . and a tornado touched down in Amsterdam, NY. It's raining here.

Besides the Salvation Army, Red Cross, etc, there are more direct locations to donate:

FarmieMarket, the Capital Region's Online Farmers' Market, and All Good Bakers are soliciting donations for the not-for-profit Regional Farm and Food Project. All funds donated will be directly paid to farmers in the greater Capital Region affected by Hurricane Irene. Donated funds will cover operating and reconstruction expenses for farms, and provide stipends to farms that lost significant agricultural product and projected income in the storm. Donations of all sizes are welcome. Donate online at or through the Facebook page "Support local farms damaged by Hurricane Irene."

The Windham Area Relief Foundation Help started a fund called "Windham Rebuild after Hurricane Irene" to help the Greene County community rebuild.

The Keene Community Trust has a Keene Flood Recovery Fund at Adirondack Community Trust to assist the people in the flooded Adirondack town.

Regional Food Bank The Regional Food Bank is working with the National Guard to airlift food and other vital supplies to communities in Greene, Schoharie, and Delaware counties that are inaccessible by road. Financial donations are needed to assist with the costs of shipping and handling all this food. Donations can be made by visiting the Food Bank’s website at Click on the Donate Now button and select “Hurricane Relief” in the Program Description box. OR TEXT: RFB to 20222 to make an immediate $5 donation.

Schoharie Valley Animal Shelter is accepting donations to help with food and supplies for found pets that they are taking care of. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of Hurricane Irene. Fortunately, the Animal Shelter of Schoharie Valley was not directly affected. The Shelter is currently assisting with animals that have been separated from their homes and owners. We will care for these animals until they can be re-united with their families. You can help with this effort by donating using pay pal or by stopping at the shelter. All donations will be used to care for the displaced animals in Schoharie County from Hurricane Irene. As always, we greatly appreciate everything the community does to support the Animal Shelter of Schoharie Valley"

AND THIS, THIS IS AMAZING: Author Katherine Messner and The Bookstore Plus in Lake Placid are teaming up to restock the Wells Memorial Library in Upper Jay. To donate a new, hardcover children's book, especially picture books, call the bookstore at 523-2950 to choose a book or order books online at You also can buy a "virtual gift card," charged to your credit card, for the library to purchase books. <- GUYS, GUYS UM, okay this totally breaks my surprise, but I'm sending Carl Gustav Jung quote cards to a handful of my Inception peeps as well as a special card for [ profile] lycanthrophile. This is also the place where I bought my scrapbook. *all my hearts and love* Plus y'know, me and books.

. . . more later. Checking local newspapers, etc. Crossposting to [ profile] after_irene as soon as I find a few more. <3
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