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First, a note, with a rare amount of pink in my black and white world:

I am reminded with much nostalgia when [ profile] hesselives first prompted me with A in my E/R for Incunabula, and the rest is well, you know, history. Well, it was requested by [ profile] ovariesofsteel to spread the word that [ profile] writing4acause still needs $1103. Promote if you'd like, donate if you can; I'm still there, somewhere, and willing to write fic for this cause. <3

That said, it's only right that I wrote the NEXT PART TO INCUNABULA. :P

Title: Doubt
Word Count: 1,500
Pairing: Arthur/Eames/Robert
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: psychological disorder, dub-con, strong D/s, breathplay, breaking up
Summary: After Separation Anxiety Arthur proposed to Robert, but both are having anxiety about it.
Author's Note: Unbeta'd because Incunabula just writes when it wants to, and if I don't post it immediately, I tend to overthink it FAR TOO MUCH. Yay suit porn! Why does this fandom not have more A/R suit porn is beyond me . . .

The ring feels itchy. )
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Title: Separation Anxiety (Or "The Places We Would Fuck")
Word Count: 2,000
Pairing: Arthur/Eames/Fischer
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: hints of D/s symbolism, alcohol, mental disorder, bad poetry
Summary: Incunabula, Series 3: Arthur goes on a job, and Robert deals with being alone.
Author's Note: For [ profile] hesselives bid at [ profile] qldfloodauction She asked for Arthur/Robert fluff, and I said that if it's related to Incunabula, it's going to be as fluffy as Stephen King's Langoliers. I wanted to write a story that shows in the vivid, snapshot way she writes, just as the photographs. I hope it works, darling. It was loads of fun to experiment with. Photos belong to Hesse with the exception of the last one; that one's mine.

The idea, it is difficult. “Please don't go,” I beg, holding his hand.
“I have to,” he tells me, pulling away. “I will write.”

He does. Often. Though damned the postal service, it takes forever.
Lost in a path of flights, carriers, and strangers' hands, it arrives two weeks later.
Sitting on the couch, in his shirt, the television a monotone of infomercials.
Unshaven, I have not showered in three.
Single digits in New York, I walk in slippers and a bathrobe, boxers beneath.
The cold barely touches me until the warmth seizes my heart. )
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Title: Anchor for a Daydream
Word Count: 1087
Pairing: Arthur/Eames/Fischer in the arc, Eames/Fischer for this part
Rating: PG
Warnings: Psychological Disorder
Summary: For the Kink Meme: The stress of forging too many people in one dream is taking its toll on Eames and feels himself disassociating from his real self. Robert helps bring him back to himself. that my anon poster is apparently [ profile] ruins_of_sodom
Author's Note: I spelled the title right! BOO-YAH! And while unable to think of the third arc, I stumbled upon this, replied to it, and think it'll fit nicely, don't you?

I just knew )
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Title: Ars longa, vita brevis
Word Count: 2,700
Pairing: Arthur/Eames/Fischer
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Cutting/Scarification, Fisting, Hints of D/s symbolism
Summary: Follows quite a bit after, A Conversation Piece Arthur claims Robert as his own, and Eames helps.
Author's Note: It's not a red die, Hesse! lol. If Wikipedia is translating this properly, the title, alongside their choice, is based off of: Ars longa, vita brevis, occasio praeceps, experimentum periculosum, iudicium difficile. or [The] art is long, life is short, opportunity fleeting, experiment dangerous, judgment difficult. but Arthur was so not going to do all of that in one sitting. Based from the tie-in with Eames and Fischer due to Kirsten's love for Catullus; it seemed appropriate.

I want to be good, to show him I am ready, that I want this, but I understand. There are points when the mind no longer thinks properly, so such precautions have to be set beforehand. )
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Title: A Conversation Piece
Word Count: Around 5,000
Pairing: Arthur/Eames/Fischer, Past Browning/Fischer
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: D/s, non-con, cutting (sorry, forgot this one)
Summary: Eames didn't come back from Mombasa empty-handed. He has an idea, and Robert deals with his past a little deeper.
Author's Note: Back to Incunabula - Follows Push the Limits. This was written in parts, different days, etc, etc, so I'm a little worried about coherency, more than usual, lol. I took a lot of days to complete this and decide if certain areas should be part of the story or removed. Hopefully, it worked out in the end and conveys what I'm trying to.

Trust, it takes time. )
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Title: Side Effects Might Include Zombies
Word Count: 1730
Pairing: Eames/Yusuf
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: This fic contains scenes of explicit violence and gore. Oh, and crack. Like woah. Sarcasm, terrible humor and puns, hints of stuff characters should never know, including knowing their writer, and mentions of Cillian Murphy.
Summary: Technically, if you must, this could follow The Longest Night for Incuabula. Eames caught the flu from Robert, and with sleep deprivation, stress, and watching "28 Days Later" as the in-flight movie, even the forger had no chance over the power of this dream.
Author's Notes: For [ profile] forgerness, whom needed cheering up and after her delicious Fischer porn, I could not resist a little random crack just for her. With zombies. <3

One would expect the signs of zombies walking down the streets – moans in the not so sexual variety, the call for brains, and that squishy sound of a fresh, delicious meal right off a line that even Subway cannot compete with. )
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Title: Push the Limits
Word Count: 1741
Pairing: Arthur/Eames/Fischer
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: light bondage, dp, marking
Author's Notes: Follows Rise of Icarus but can be read alone. This piece is for [ profile] kirstenlouise and [ profile] fabiennen whom both requested DP and helped me figure Eames out. <3

And now I introduce y'all to Enigma, whom some have heard, others have not, and I am using for title, background music, and inspiration.

Basic instincts, social life
Paradoxes side by side

Don't submit to stupid rules.
Be yourself and not a fool.
Don't accept average habits.
Open your heart and push the limits.

Enigma, “Push the Limits”

I struggle, wanting to kill Arthur for waking me like this. Then I realize he never would. )
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Total number of completed stories: N/A
Total word count: See Above?

lmao. I swear, I won't be so vague beyond that point, but I have so much fic that is not posted here that I haven't a clue exactly how many exist or the word count. Also, this meme was taken from several people, but on my list, [ profile] kirstenlouise technically wins as the first. :P

And with that note, carry on . . . )

And on a slightly related note, [ profile] inception_noir has a post open to prompts that allows Anonymous Comments, AND I KNOW HOW MUCH YOU GUYS LOVE THE DARK. Don't worry, there will be a specific, rarepair post and others later. <3
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Title: Rise of Icarus
Word Count: 2,400'ish
Pairing: Arthur/Fischer, Cobb/Nash, former Arthur/Cobb, former Fischer/Nash, implied Arthur/Eames/Fischer . . . I think that's everyone. <3
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Implied, previous abuse, cutting and addiction
Summary: Once upon a time, Cobb and Mal brought Arthur to this center, now Arthur brings Fischer, and Cobb is visiting Nash. Follows So Give Me Something to Believe
Author's Notes: I was going to title it “It's a Small World, After All”, but the last thing I need is to quote Disney. Rather, it's a nod to the beloved Sunshine.

“When I close my eyes, I see the sun
Turn back time, unwind fields of gold
A carrion bird
Takes me to the past. Unmasked. Entranced.
I must pull myself together
Face the future”

Excerpt from David Mack, “Skin Deep”

I remember flying )
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Title: So Give Me Something to Believe
Word Count: 2325
Pairing: Arthur/Eames/Fischer, Arthur/Fischer only in this part
Rating: NC-17, briefly
Warnings: fluff <3
Summary: After Driven by Impulse - Arthur returns home.
Author's Note: Fluff, h/c, terribly sweet compared to what I normally write. But it was requested alongside more depth on how this pairing came to be. Title is from The Bravery's “Believe”.

So give me something to believe; Cause I am living just to breathe )
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Title: Driven by Impulse
Word Count: Less then 600
Pairing: Arthur/Eames/Fischer
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: psychological turmoil
Summary: Robert mentally coping with what happened in Jealousy Bleeds Red where Eames beats him. Memories of Browning, their relationship, and how it continues to affect him. Implied pedophilia in that as Robert was underage, but there is nothing graphic. Occurs during and after The Longest Day
Author's Note: Once upon a time, I wrote a lot of poetry. I decided to take a chance at it again.

This story is not complex. )
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Title: The Longest Day
Word Count: 1983
Pairing: Arthur/Eames/Fischer, bit of Eames/Yusuf, blip of Browning/Eames
Rating: R
Warnings: psychological turmoil and character death (NOT Arthur, Jeanne!)
Summary: After Jealousy Bleeds Red - a tale of Eames as he becomes more distraught with his decisions and their consequences.
Author's Note: For those that read Incunabula, thank you. Before/Now, 3rd person just cause I wanted to get in and out without getting trapped like I am with Fischer. lol. This is also not being posted elsewhere.

There is a body broken behind him, shattered by his fists, leaving him unable to face the door, let alone what is inside. )
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Title: Envy is Green, but Jealousy Bleeds Red
Word Count: 1863
Pairing: Arthur/Eames/Fischer
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: violent non-con, disturbing themes (alcohol, abuse), psychological turmoil
Summary: And so continues my stories that have to do with Incunabula but aren't in proper order. I'll figure that out in the table of contents, but this one is where Arthur goes away for a job, leaving Eames and Robert alone. Eames goes out drinking, Robert stays home. They meet up, and the truth comes out on what Eames really thinks of the third party.
Author's Note: For [ profile] kirstenlouise and red lipstick the only way I could conceive it. Also, it was a pain in the arse not because of the nature of the story but because I don't normally write a lot of violence, let alone in the first person. So THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to open up and attempt it. Hope it came out decent; I honestly have no idea.

Also, this is as close as I'll get to holiday cheer. IT HAS THE COLOR THEME, RIGHT? <3

“Arthur! Robert!” he is calling out our names. Downstairs, I believe. The slam of the door behind him confirms. “Is anyone home?” )
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Title: Reluctant Surrender
Word Count: 1018
Pairing: Arthur/Fischer
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Generally disturbing content mixed with fluff. Run-on sentences mixed with fragments. All the fault of being in Fischer's head. <3
Summary: Takes place during the later part of My Temptation and Salvation
Author's Note: This is me exploring the A/F of A/E/F because I agree with others that established relationships are a pain in the ass to write before you establish them as the writer.

There is darkness. Blinded. I thrash about, not knowing, confused. )
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Title: My Temptation and Salvation
Word Count: 10,000
Pairing: Arthur/Eames/Fischer
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: kidnapping scenario, role-play, d/s, dub-con, bondage, toys, delusions, blood, cutting, and generally disturbing content
Summary: This takes place after the film and after the events of Incunabula - like, a few months at the very least. Having learned more about Fischer's mind than they had ever considered on file, Arthur and Eames try to save the man they broke apart in an attempt to fix him – and I don't even mean the inception. They never thought it would lead to this.

Author's Notes:Dedicated to the brilliant [ profile] hesselives for [ profile] writing4acause. There was desire for seeing Arthur/Eames/Fischer and one of them going crazy in the mood of the ever inspirational series “Six Feet Under”. I cannot continue to explain what else was given to me, as that would spoil bits and pieces, but I hope it is to your liking. Mixed PoVs and the title is based off of Salvation by Scanners. Ignore the shameless use of lyrics for line breaks, by the way.

I've been waiting for the dark to come; my temptation and salvation )
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Title: Games of the Heart and Mind, Part 2
Word Count: 1,435
Pairing: Beginnings of Arthur/Eames/Fischer
Rating: PG-13, maybe R
Warnings: violence, and kind of fluffy – well, as fluffy as I can be.
Summary: After Games of the Heart and Mind So, this is the beginning of two prompts on [ profile] inception_kink: "I wanted to destroy something beautiful" prompt and the " "Maurice and Robert: Two generations of Fischers, Two very different types of businessmen." " newspaper prompt, part 2.

Also, while this isn't the part dedicated to the lovely [ profile] hesselives, I can blame this ending fully. Thank you. And I lied. This is the ending to Section 1, Part 1, Level 1, what-have-you

In conclusion . . . )
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Title: Games of the Heart and Mind, Part 1
Word Count: 3021
Pairing: Browning/Fischer, Arthur/Eames, Eames/Fischer
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: homophobia, violence, dub-con (fisting)
Summary: After Property Damage The idea that Peter was using Robert has reached its conclusion, and the thought of losing someone else because he is being manipulated is too unbearable.
Author's Note: So, this is the beginning of two prompts on [ profile] inception_kink: "I wanted to destroy something beautiful" prompt and the “War between two Fischers: Maurice and Robert cause a scene at trendy Sydney restaurant.” newspaper prompt.

It would not take long for Arthur to respond. )
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Title: Property Damage
Word Count: 5000'ish
Pairing: Browning/Fischer, Eames/Fischer, implied Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Might be triggering: angst, non-con, dub-con, strong D/s, all quite explicit, some gore as well
Summary: After While You Were Sleeping Eames has managed to break a bit of the hold Peter Browning had on Robert; now he has to deal with the consequence; Robert finally takes some control of his life and relationship.
Author's Note: And so begins my interest in body modification. Inspired by this lovely image; NSFW. First and second point of view, highly experimental and lots of fun to explore; hopefully just as much to read.

I lie still, my head buried in Uncle Peter's lap. )
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Title: While You Were Sleeping
Word Count: 736
Pairing: Eames/Yusuf, and an unconscious Fischer, implied Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Visualized abuse and other dark themes combined with fluff.
Summary: After The Ghost of You A story of what is and what is still to come; a very brief conversation, compared to the rest, between Eames and Yusuf.
Author's Note: This was never meant to have past Arthur/Eames, or even the probability of present Browning/Fischer, but that is the consequence of talking to people. <3

Arthur will have to wait. )
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Title: Between You and Me (2/2)
Word Count: 3,546
Pairing: Past Browning/Fischer, Rumored Arthur/Eames & Eames/Yusuf, Actual Eames/Fischer
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: This content might be triggering to some. Strong D/s relationship, dub-con.
Summary: After Reflections of Men. Eames doesn't do exclusive relationships, and Fischer doesn't like the idea of Eames sleeping with other people. Add on what happened with Browning, and we have all kinds of issues.
Author's Note: [ profile] forgerness, this one is for you and your love for Yusuf's hands, Eames, and Fischer. And yea, it's written in the first/second person and is a wee bit experimental on the format, so I apologize if it's a little confusing.

Part 1

I make it five steps out of the shop before stopping. )

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