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Yeah, you heard me.

Anything goes: Drabbles, Songs, Recs, ANYTHING.
Love them, my darlings, and we'll get through this writer's block together.
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Yeah, you read it. I love your stories to pieces, so I want to know! Give me all your fills here, whether anon or not, I don't care! I want them all. I'm very greedy and lazy like that. Ooooo - two of the seven deadly sins in one go! I need to write a lusty E/R fill now. :P

Pairing in the subject, please.
And link away!
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Ok, enough wank. I love this fandom, and I love Cillian Murphy, so [ profile] forgerness! [ profile] kirstenlouise! [ profile] hephs_thighs! And everyone else, get yer asses over here and start spamming one of the things that makes all of us happy, giddy, and -bleep-. :P

Edit: In case anyone decides to go through this madness, it is NSFW. <3

Also, holy crap, my mailbox. I hope there wasn't any important e-mails when I checked all and deleted. lmao. I LOVE YOU. <3
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Total number of completed stories: N/A
Total word count: See Above?

lmao. I swear, I won't be so vague beyond that point, but I have so much fic that is not posted here that I haven't a clue exactly how many exist or the word count. Also, this meme was taken from several people, but on my list, [ profile] kirstenlouise technically wins as the first. :P

And with that note, carry on . . . )

And on a slightly related note, [ profile] inception_noir has a post open to prompts that allows Anonymous Comments, AND I KNOW HOW MUCH YOU GUYS LOVE THE DARK. Don't worry, there will be a specific, rarepair post and others later. <3
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The best compliment that can be made are ones by other authors that I enjoy so completely. I'm rather selective in my writing, just as I am with who I write with. Truthfully, I never write fan fiction, unless the World of Darkness counts, so I was . . . concerned at stepping into such this fascinating, vast pool called Inception, especially late.

I also rarely read fan fiction, but Cillian Murphy is such a wonderful actor, and his character, Robert Fischer, was lovely to watch, so I went searching. It takes a rare . . . I don't know, quality to actually grab my attention. Like a movie that swaps out an actor for a sequel, I get put off quickly if the characters don't feel like their original portrayal.

Here are a few that I recommend because they're awesome, and I love them. They are, in no particular order: [ profile] hephs_thighs, [ profile] fabiennen, [ profile] kirstenlouise, [ profile] forgerness, [ profile] fermine, [ profile] bronson, [ profile] jeannedecarnin, [ profile] starkraves, and [personal profile] scrapbullet,and I lj-cut because I ramble with all my adoration to where there is really no logic to the content at some points. :)

Read more... )

Thank you all for your contributions to this fandom.

I mentioned at one point that I don't read a lot of Arthur/Eames, and I would like to change that, alongside broadening my spectrum of visually stunning pieces. So please, recommend your favorites to me.

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