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Title: Evidence (1/3)
Word Count: 2,350
Pairing: Eames/Robert, Arthur/Cobb, rest of cast mentioned at various points
Rating: PG-13 for this chapter
Warnings: Character Death, General Mindfuckery
Summary: Robert finds out about the inception and "Everett Forester"'s involvement; Eames tells Robert the truth, then tells Cobb that Robert's plan and his to change it, not to worry, etc. Naturally, Cobb does and sends Arthur in.
Author's Note: Fusion between Christopher Nolan's Inception and David Mack's "Kabuki", with a bit of Peter Chung's "Aeon Flux" for inspiration. Title and lj-cut is from Marilyn Manson's "Evidence".

“Cobb, I found Fischer. His brains were blown out from a Beretta pistol similar to the one you use in the field.” Eames pulls away from the body and opens the red gas can. The fuel pours onto the clothes, the silk threads hand sewn into fabric tailored to fit his small frame. It turns the charcoal shades darker before the smell is enough for the forger to have to cover his mouth. “I am disposing of the body to make it look like a fire swept through. The gas stove should be suffice to cover up that someone took care to make certain details were eradicated fully.”

And we'll paint over the evidence. )

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