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I swear, I'm on E/R withdrawals. My OTP lacks in numbers, and it's depressing. I mean, yes, I could visit the lovely, delicious PWP brought on by [ profile] hephs_thighs or the plot that has my heart by [ profile] fabiennen or stare with much adoration as my brain melts to art by [ profile] ruins_of_sodom but lets face it folks, E/R is a dying pairing, lost to the overflow of rabid A/E despite its emotional and believable tie-in if you'd just dig a little deeper, and I don't even mean in a fisting metaphor. I mean, look at all the open prompts out there. So sad.

Then I was in the midst of Robert/Saito in my A/E/R sushi plot (yes, it's plot - don't ask), trying to think and BELIEVE in my pairing when I remembered [ profile] croik posted something on V-Day that was 10K of E/R that can be found here

And the most lovely ending. I'm almost embarrassed by my comment besides the fact that it just proves how captivated I was. The dialogue didn't quite fit the characters as my head-canon Robert does, but OMG, Robert fingering Eames SO MAKES UP FOR IT.

M'kay, done now. Back to either sushi or this weird idea that I want to do an Auction!AU of Saito buying Robert because it'd be neater or some shit that had me giggling in the cooler. lol.
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The best compliment that can be made are ones by other authors that I enjoy so completely. I'm rather selective in my writing, just as I am with who I write with. Truthfully, I never write fan fiction, unless the World of Darkness counts, so I was . . . concerned at stepping into such this fascinating, vast pool called Inception, especially late.

I also rarely read fan fiction, but Cillian Murphy is such a wonderful actor, and his character, Robert Fischer, was lovely to watch, so I went searching. It takes a rare . . . I don't know, quality to actually grab my attention. Like a movie that swaps out an actor for a sequel, I get put off quickly if the characters don't feel like their original portrayal.

Here are a few that I recommend because they're awesome, and I love them. They are, in no particular order: [ profile] hephs_thighs, [ profile] fabiennen, [ profile] kirstenlouise, [ profile] forgerness, [ profile] fermine, [ profile] bronson, [ profile] jeannedecarnin, [ profile] starkraves, and [personal profile] scrapbullet,and I lj-cut because I ramble with all my adoration to where there is really no logic to the content at some points. :)

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Thank you all for your contributions to this fandom.

I mentioned at one point that I don't read a lot of Arthur/Eames, and I would like to change that, alongside broadening my spectrum of visually stunning pieces. So please, recommend your favorites to me.

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