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Er, ellos! I'm Julie. You might or might not know me formally as a handful of other characters, journals, etc, over the course of nearly a decade here on Livejournal. I write. A lot. I also ramble. Any of my fics are posted publicly, and feedback is welcomed. My current project is a BDSM novel, and my journey while working on it (and as a writer) will be public as well. Life itself is FRIENDS ONLY, but if you'd like to read that, feel free to friend me, and if I don't hate you, I'll probably friend you back. It does help that we have something in common.

This journal is under construction while I work on nurturing my writing. I'm in the process of creating a writing journal off of LJ as well as possibly an AO3 account.

I was addicted to Inception. It's the only fandom that really stuck in my head and continues to occasionally amuse me. I also write in the World of Darkness setting with a close friend of mine. It's awesome, smutty fic that can be found after all the Inception.

And I have a love for being challenged as a writer. This means going into the areas that aren't always comfortable to read. It's a learning experience. It's me embracing the impossible and beyond.

And now, the fics posted on this journal:


Fischer/Eames: Incunabula Series

Reflections of Men, Part 1 - Browning/Fischer, Eames/Fischer, Arthur/Eames - NC-17
Reflections of Men, Part 2 - Browning/Fischer, Eames/Fischer, Arthur/Eames - NC-17
Between You and Me, Part 1 - Browning/Fischer, Eames/Fischer, Eames/Yusuf - R
Between You and Me, part 2 - Browning/Fischer, Eames/Fischer, Eames/Yusuf, Eames/Fischer/Yusuf - NC-17
While You Were Sleeping - Eames/Yusuf, talking about Robert and Arthur - PG-13
Property Damage - Browning/Fischer, Eames/Fischer, Arthur/Eames - NC-17
Games of Heart and Mind, part 1 - Arthur/Eames, Browning/Fischer, Eames/Fischer - NC-17
Games of Heart and Mind, part 2 - Arthur/Eames, Eames/Fischer - R

Arthur/Eames/Fischer: Incunabula Series Two

Occurs a few months after Series One. Kind of like a season break. <3

My Temptation and Salvation - Arthur/Eames/Fischer - NC-17
Reluctant Surrender - Arthur/Fischer - Extended Scene in "My Temptation and Salvation" - NC-17
Envy is Green, But Jealousy Bleeds Red - Eames/Fischer - NC-17
The Longest Day - Arthur/Eames/Fischer, bit of Eames/Yusuf, blip Eames/Browning - R
Side Effects Might Include Zombies" - Eames/Yusuf - PG-13
Driven by Impulse - Fischer - PG-13
So Give Me Something to Believe - Arthur/Fischer - NC-17, briefly
Rise of Icarus - *deep breath* Arthur/Fischer, Arthur/Cobb, Cobb/Nash, Fischer/Nash - PG-13
Push the Limits - Arthur/Eames/Fischer - NC-17
A Conversation Piece - Arthur/Eames/Fischer, Browning/Fischer - NC-17
Ars longa, vita brevis - Arthur/Eames/Fischer - NC-17

Arthur/Eames/Fischer: Incunabula Series Three

Separation Anxiety - Arthur/Eames/Robert - NC-17

Inception Bang, Reverse Bang, Etc

Undercurrent - Eames/Robert - NC-17 - Artist: [ profile] ruins_of_sodom
Mistaken Identity - Inception Cast and World of Darkness - NC-17 - Artist: [ profile] forgerness
Remember the Stillness - Eames/Robert - R - Artist: [ profile] ruins_of_sodom


Cruel - Arthur/Eames/Fischer - NC-17
Flicker - Eames/Robert - NC-17
The Game - Browning/Eames/Robert - NC-17
Something Dark is Coming - NC-17
Evidence - Eames/Robert, Arthur/Cobb - PG-13
This is What You Do to Me - Eames/Robert - NC-17
Eye for an Eye - Nash/Robert, Eames/Yusuf, Mal/Robert, Eames/Robert - NC-17
Anchor to a Daydream - Eames/Robert -PG

World of Darkness

Michael Luther

Diamond in the Rough - PG
House Van de Nacht - collaboration with [ profile] lycanthrophile - PG to NC-17, varied works

Because I need to share the love for beautiful, inspirational fic.
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I was reminded by [ profile] madnaivejello that I haven't updated in ages. It's not that I'm not here - there's plenty of stalkery, but what is there to say?

This afternoon, I picked up my Nikon, somehow managed my way into a corset that I haven't worn since Halloween at Stewart's as none other than Katarzyna De Vries, and took a photo of my chest for FetLife. It was for my profile as much as an update to show off my husband's Kinkmas gift for me, a onyx pendant with silver lettering that says "Raven's Little Kitten". It was a sweet gesture that tickles my breasts every day as a kind of, sort of day collar because of where I work. I love it, this whole BDSM thing. Most of the people we've met respect our relationship and rules. They've made me feel a little more beautiful and me. I've learned who I am besides a wife that does cherish her husband and an artist that needs to express herself.

Opening shift continues. I'm asleep by 6:00PM and awake around 3:00PM while he's asleep around 2:00-3:00AM and awake around 10:00AM. We're also on opposite days off due to me being an integral part of Monday routine and a requirement that manager's close at least once a week and mine choosing Tuesday. It's rough. I'm not going to lie. There are days when I've gone out for retail therapy and spent more than I should've and others when I cried, but I told my superiors at my last meeting that this is a good place for us because if we spent every waking hour not at work with each other WE WOULD KILL EACH OTHER. Seriously.

Work continues to believe that I am more than I am. It's an ongoing battle of anxiety and depression versus challenging myself. It doesn't help that my doctor and I have agreed to dropping my Cymbalta from 30 milligrams to 20 in an attempt to slowly end my need for medication to attain some ability to stand the general public.

On the plus side, I do have my writings. Besides the necklace, I received monies from Mom, and two packages. That's it. Four gifts, nothing more, and yet I feel so damn loved that I smile enough to make people at work wonder what the fuck is wrong with me. When they ask how I can be so happy that early in the morning, I'm half-tempted to tell them about how I spent hours watching Gossip Girl and writing porn. Or tell them that a few days ago my husband and Mraurau bit my ass so hard that there's a bump and bruise forming that reminds me of how much he loves and owns me whenever I sit the fuck down. Neither of these come out, of course. Instead, I just grin.

Other than that, there's the occasional kink parties and gatherings and a possible change in careers. I love to travel, and one offer was to be interviewed by JetBlue out of Boston or NYC via the [ profile] jessicareloaded. Yes, it's a long commute, and Jeremy doesn't want to move, but I'm in the right mindset that after I get over the worst of it, I can not only survive but thrive.
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Title: Chasing Ghosts
Word Count: 2,045
Pairing: Eames/Fischer, bit of Eames/Fischer/Yusuf
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: gunplay, light bondage, non-con, character death in a dream
Summary: From the Kink Meme: In dreams, you can do anything you want with no consequences, as long as you don't get caught.

Character A decides to act out an obsessive fantasy, and tortures, fucks, and kills someone in their dream. It can be someone Character A is in a relationship with, whether consensually or non (maybe Character B doesn't realize they're in someone else's dream?), or a teammate whose mind Character A has invaded, or a total stranger if you like. The snuff film part is voyeurism - maybe a friend of A's wants to watch (maybe A agrees to do it for them?), or someone else snuck in to enjoy the show. Either way, as fucked up and dark as you can make it, and pile on A's guilt, disgust, and self-hatred all you want.

Extra bonus points if Character A is someone unexpected, like Ariadne, Yusuf, Fischer, etc.
Author's Note: Cray-cray!Fischer (one of my favorite kinds) I've thought about revising, adding on, or maybe writing a sequel, but here it is. It was posted anon, but hopefully, HOPEFULLY y'all can tell my style and repetitive use of Everett Forrester, yeah? <3

He rebuilds cities from memory. Sydney mostly. Crystal clear water crashes upon the shore, leaving salty air and tears in his eyes. It's easy to get lost here, but Robert Fischer finds his way. He holds in his pocket a folded piece of paper, faded and torn with child-like scribbles in crayon. They're directions. A to A, B to B, et cetera. Only he knows what it creates, he and the man that follows a few steps behind. )
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Title: Pins and Needles
Word Count: 2,358
Pairing: Ariadne/Mal, Eames/Robert
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Blood, bit of violence, and all those porny bits we love.
Summary: Ariadne and Mal share a room next door to Eames and Robert.
Author's Note: Collaboration with [ profile] scrapbullet Much love and thanks so much to her endless patience while my mind turned to mush. And kicking me in the booty to continue.


This is ridiculous. )
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Enough said. Please consider an offering, a bid, or boosting the signal. <3

Since I have fic from previous bidders, I think that I'm going to offer something else like a Stewart's care package.
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Title: Remember the Stillness
Word Count: 5,300
Pairing: Saito/Robert, Eames/Robert, one-sided Arthur/Eames, bit of Ariadne/Arthur, and Yusuf and Cobb appear, too!
Rating: R (barely NC-17)
Warnings: crack, Angst!Arthur, fruit cake, brief cursing and porn
Summary: Christmas party at Saito’s!
Author’s Note: Many thanks to [ profile] ruins_of_sodom, [ profile] darkseraphim21, and [ profile] lycanthrophile for their endless support and edits. Title and lj-cut text are from The Enright Houses’s “Remember the Stillness”

[ profile] ruins_of_sodom 's art can be found here

Remember the rock of the car: the lulling sway of steel frame throttling over veined asphalt towards the hazy blue horizon still suspended in space. )
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Y'all know [ profile] ruins_of_sodom, right? The peep I keep raving about all the greatness in super shiny fanart that keeps poking and prodding me for more Eames/Robert fic? Right. Well, I was asked to post about the typhoon that hit parts of the Philippines. I remember quite clearly the very same day that I was checking Times Union about the robbery that there was a business article about it, and naturally, my first thought was "AH, SHIT, I HOPE DAN'S OKAY." He is, but the area brings back memories of Upstate New York that is still recovering from flooding despite federal aid, donations, etc.

So I ask, knowing it's the holidays and all that jazz, if you have a $50, $20, or even $5 to spare to send it out and help. If the Red Cross isn't your favored place, I know my regular site to donate at ShelterBox USA is deploying today to assess the need.

Places to Donate:
List of Places from [ profile] mastermayhem <3
ShelterBox USA
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Ah, so, I get to hear stories from co-workers. This one came from someone in our maintenance crew that stops in because their storage is in our backroom. Besides finding one AV (ice cream cooler) blocks away, the ice chest was miles down the road in someone's field. Then there was this other city, Middletown? Or Middle Grove. My memory's terrible from being awake at 6AM to do paperwork. Either way, the local fire fighters went into the Stewart's, collected what they needed, and left a note basically saying, "Hey, we took this to help people; send us the bill" sort of message, then backed up their truck to make sure no one could enter the shop and steal anything. I WILL CONTINUE TO REPEAT THAT I LOVE MY JOB.

Many Thanks to Roger
Hurricane Irene was a horrible disaster for this region but through it all there is one man that tirelessly worked hard to provide food and water to the local community and I feel he should be commended for his dedication. Roger, the General Manager, of Stewarts Convenient Store and gas station on the corner of Route 209 and Canal Street in Ellenville was the only business open for the duration of the power outage. He kept his generator running and stayed open 24 hours each day and never left his post to go home to his own family. He provided much needed services to the Ellenville community and was always in good spirits to all that entered his doors. Many residents were grateful for his efforts during these days of hardship. I personally extend my heartfelt gratitude to him for a job well done.

Thank you, Roger! (Shawangunk Journal)

A large problem is that while it's not as devastating as major areas would've been, these are small towns, people's farms, and a million dollars for a town holding roughly three people in staff is impossible without aid.

. . . and a tornado touched down in Amsterdam, NY. It's raining here.

Besides the Salvation Army, Red Cross, etc, there are more direct locations to donate:

FarmieMarket, the Capital Region's Online Farmers' Market, and All Good Bakers are soliciting donations for the not-for-profit Regional Farm and Food Project. All funds donated will be directly paid to farmers in the greater Capital Region affected by Hurricane Irene. Donated funds will cover operating and reconstruction expenses for farms, and provide stipends to farms that lost significant agricultural product and projected income in the storm. Donations of all sizes are welcome. Donate online at or through the Facebook page "Support local farms damaged by Hurricane Irene."

The Windham Area Relief Foundation Help started a fund called "Windham Rebuild after Hurricane Irene" to help the Greene County community rebuild.

The Keene Community Trust has a Keene Flood Recovery Fund at Adirondack Community Trust to assist the people in the flooded Adirondack town.

Regional Food Bank The Regional Food Bank is working with the National Guard to airlift food and other vital supplies to communities in Greene, Schoharie, and Delaware counties that are inaccessible by road. Financial donations are needed to assist with the costs of shipping and handling all this food. Donations can be made by visiting the Food Bank’s website at Click on the Donate Now button and select “Hurricane Relief” in the Program Description box. OR TEXT: RFB to 20222 to make an immediate $5 donation.

Schoharie Valley Animal Shelter is accepting donations to help with food and supplies for found pets that they are taking care of. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of Hurricane Irene. Fortunately, the Animal Shelter of Schoharie Valley was not directly affected. The Shelter is currently assisting with animals that have been separated from their homes and owners. We will care for these animals until they can be re-united with their families. You can help with this effort by donating using pay pal or by stopping at the shelter. All donations will be used to care for the displaced animals in Schoharie County from Hurricane Irene. As always, we greatly appreciate everything the community does to support the Animal Shelter of Schoharie Valley"

AND THIS, THIS IS AMAZING: Author Katherine Messner and The Bookstore Plus in Lake Placid are teaming up to restock the Wells Memorial Library in Upper Jay. To donate a new, hardcover children's book, especially picture books, call the bookstore at 523-2950 to choose a book or order books online at You also can buy a "virtual gift card," charged to your credit card, for the library to purchase books. <- GUYS, GUYS UM, okay this totally breaks my surprise, but I'm sending Carl Gustav Jung quote cards to a handful of my Inception peeps as well as a special card for [ profile] lycanthrophile. This is also the place where I bought my scrapbook. *all my hearts and love* Plus y'know, me and books.

. . . more later. Checking local newspapers, etc. Crossposting to [ profile] after_irene as soon as I find a few more. <3

Sep. 4th, 2011 06:27 pm
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I realize that it's already late Sunday, and I might have to go in because a co-worker of mine has the flu, and I have to be in at 6:30AM to do paperwork, BUT I don't care. Here goes:

[ profile] after_irene Introduction, and yes, I'm willing to start as soon as Wednesday. Blame me listening to YNN all day at work for the name.
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Name: Azure
Contact Info: PM on LJ or Comment Here
Story pairings: Eames/Robert, Browning/Robert, Browning/Eames, Browning/Eames/Robert
Projected length (word count): Minimum 10,000, probably closer to 20-30,000
Story rating: NC-17
Short story summary: For [ profile] bdsm_fandom 's Big Bang Challenge - Post-Inception, Eames returns to Fischer Morrow to see how his project went purely under his own accord. His curiosity pulls him deeper when he learns more about Robert's relationship with Browning, the BDSM lifestyle. By the end, he is ensnared, finding freedom that even the dreamshare could not possess tightly wound in Robert's hands.
Do you need this done by a particular time?: Rough Drafts are due July, 25.
What are you looking for in a beta? (Grammar, clarity, characterization, plot, story, pacing, etc.): Grammar, mostly. Possibly discussing kinks, particularly which would fit Eames best as this is all under his choosing as the sub. I'm just starting the story, in pieces, so I'm sure there will be more as it goes on.
Is there anything else a potential beta should know about your story? The story might include discussion of pedophilia, previous torture, and Eames highjacking Robert's sub-conscious while he's sleeping at least once with possible somnophilia. All of the explicit, s/M scenes are consensual.

Crossposted for HELP. <3
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Star Wars and XFiles too )

. . . hee hee. [ profile] forgerness, I'll have snippits of Tekken, MK, FFVIII, RE2, Riven, and all the rest later. <3
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Lukas = 1
JGL = 1
Leo = 7

From Seventeen, YM, and a buncha random magazines in my basement. Apologies for looking so raw, but they're over a decade old, okay? Feel free to take, share, use, abuse, do whatever. <3

Read more... )
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Some photographs that I found in my dad's office. Feel free to use any, show, except for the grave site. I was told by a cousin that those are my grandfather and auntie that died during WWII.

. . . photos are primarily from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China from the 1950s-1960s. There's a handful from Europe and one that states England on the back, but I can't tell where because my family's known for our incredibly illegible handwriting. <3

Milwaukee, WI 1960

Read more... )


May. 29th, 2011 05:10 pm
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My dad was a bit of a collector. He believed that everything could be kept for something - tax purposes, writing, and memories especially. I'm going through drawers and finding things I don't even remember, but there I am. My cousin Xiaolei was here, and she was with me to find photographs of her father and mine together alongside letters from when they corresponded to catch up. There was one when I was little and she told me how adorable I looked, that my dad was proud of me, and he knew I had potential as a writer if I could just breathe and let be. Then she pointed out who the woman was standing beside me, my aunt that's my dad's sister's niece's something or other that I totally got lost in because our relatives are several, spread over continents and languages. Recently, my cousin Ming-Ming moved to Sweden because of marriage. Our best moment was when she and I looked at a photograph from decades ago, and I pointed out dad because he's the fair-skinned of the lot; Xiaolei said it wasn't, and then looked again and omg, yes it was!

I found notes from 1987, when we traveled from Columbus to Chicago to LA to Tokyo to Singapore to Jakarta to Surabuya to Medan and back. Records from AAA and plane tickets, and I LOVE plane tickets, stamps, all things travel. I think they're lovely little tokens that remind us more than pictures can sometimes. And newspaper clippings on the most efficient way to get to Singapore because it was always our first stop. Then there's my grandmother's obit. from forever ago with my name in a newspaper in Indonesia, I think? And the Shangri-La Hotel in Hong Kong.

. . . now I'm collecting. I laughed earlier because my mom said it's a good thing we have a big car, and I told her that yeah, we do, but instead the trunk is a huge stereo. Too bad, I'd take the whole office if I could. I should take pictures of it. I've mentioned before that my dad's a sociology prof as well as a textbook author, so there's a lot of books by him (I found a 1st ed. from the 1960s) on various topics, including criminology at one point.

Good memories. I miss his handwriting, the chats, and I want to yell at him and mom for not telling me sooner. I knew he was sick, his travels abroad left him ill, and he's old, but I would've done more - no, that's a lie. There wasn't more that I could do, and he knew that, and as I've told our relatives, he didn't want to worry us. He wanted to be remembered as the strong, wonderful, supportive man he'll always be.
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Title: Window
Pairing: Arthur/Robert
Rating: . . . uh, PG?
Warnings: Implied Sex
Summary: For the Kink Meme: Arthur does beautifully expressive black and white photography in his spare time. His craftsmanship spills over into his work, when he is doing surveillance photos on a mark. He can't help but get close to the mark, treating them as an artistic subject and showing their human side. He can never talk to Robert, but his photos of Robert tell a story.
Author's Note: . . . as it says on in the meme, feel free to fill with writing goodness! I keep getting in my head collab story with Jeanne all over again, jsyk. And honestly, idek if this would be considered art or graphics or what. Really, I'd rather call it me being inspired to create and not tag it, buuuut it's tagged properly, I hope? <3

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Title: A Prisoner of History (2/2)
Word Count: 2,985 / 6,215
Pairing: Eames/Robert, Browning/Robert
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: angst, alcohol, incest, torture porn/violence, dub-con, D/s
Summary: Peter Browning learns about Eames, the man that changed Robert Fischer.
Author's Note: Beta'd by [ profile] lycanthrophile and [ profile] croik; this was due to a discussion a while back about how I imagined the possibility of Browning/Eames/Robert being a struggle of power, a balancing act, with Robert being caught in the middle both mentally and physically. Title is from Sia's "I'm In Here"

Part 1

The silence was welcome through the journey back to Sydney. )
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Title: A Prisoner of History (1/2)
Word Count: 3,053 / 6,215
Pairing: Eames/Robert, Browning/Robert
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: angst, bit of alcohol, illness, explicit sex
Summary: Robert Fischer, the funeral, and the presence of Eames that he cannot quite let go.
Author's Note: Beta'd by [ profile] lycanthrophile; this was due to a discussion a while back about how I imagined the possibility of Browning/Eames/Robert being a struggle of power, a balancing act, with Robert being caught in the middle both mentally and physically. Eventually, Browning learns about Eames. Title is from Sia's "I'm In Here"

A/N 2: Light edits were done thanks to [ profile] croik Hopefully, it makes more sense. <3

Grief was not an emotion Robert Fischer was accustomed to. )
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Over the holidays, [ profile] forgerness gave me the gift of porn. Specifically, it was Robert giving himself to Eames, bow tie and all. Now, for Robert’s birthday, I was thinking that we ought to do the same, give the gift of Eames/Robert.

. . . in either art or fic, of course!

Sept 17 would be the posting date. I was thinking that on that date a Master List could be posted to each of the communities to avoid the sudden, yet phenomenal, congestion. Art/Fic could be posted to personal journals near the existing dates and anytime after the 17th on its own if desired.

I was thinking that before we could have a prompt/kink phase where anyone can prompt anything as long as its Eames/Robert. And people could claim them.

Well, what do y’all think?

Also, please, please crosspost this to your journals to let others know so that input can be gathered. Thanks, darlings! <3

Edit: Option #2 would be the July 16 release date for the film, but I'm worried about other conflicting ideas that might pop up.
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First, a note, with a rare amount of pink in my black and white world:

I am reminded with much nostalgia when [ profile] hesselives first prompted me with A in my E/R for Incunabula, and the rest is well, you know, history. Well, it was requested by [ profile] ovariesofsteel to spread the word that [ profile] writing4acause still needs $1103. Promote if you'd like, donate if you can; I'm still there, somewhere, and willing to write fic for this cause. <3

That said, it's only right that I wrote the NEXT PART TO INCUNABULA. :P

Title: Doubt
Word Count: 1,500
Pairing: Arthur/Eames/Robert
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: psychological disorder, dub-con, strong D/s, breathplay, breaking up
Summary: After Separation Anxiety Arthur proposed to Robert, but both are having anxiety about it.
Author's Note: Unbeta'd because Incunabula just writes when it wants to, and if I don't post it immediately, I tend to overthink it FAR TOO MUCH. Yay suit porn! Why does this fandom not have more A/R suit porn is beyond me . . .

The ring feels itchy. )

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